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Architecture tourism
European destinations off the beaten track

This site wants to give suggestions to city tourists who enjoy modern architecture and culture. You find short texts and photos of architourism trips I made recently. The focus is on European destinations a bit off the beaten modern architecture track. Not to Bilbao, but a route from Santander to Avilés and Santiago. Not to Berlin or Hamburg, but a nice route Bielefeld - Herford - Osnabrück.  Destinations without big crowds and commercial tourism environments, ideal for slower tourism.
Next to interesting places and routes, you will find some blogs on enjoying modern architecture. 

Presentations on this site are from a visitor's perspective, so 'What You See Is What You Get' pictures. No drone photos, not a lot of Photoshop, no image creation with AI.  

Updates will be communicated on the Instagram page of this website.

Hope you’ll enjoy. Feedback and enquiries are welcome.

Szczecin 1 Filh 1 DSC03248 v3 1500.jpg

Poland's new face, two routes

IMG_20220829_161627 v2 1500_edited.jpg

Spain's North route - beyond Bilbao

DSC08805 v2 1000.jpg

Osnabrück, Bielefeld, Herford

DSC00559 v2 1500.jpg

Vejle - Aarhus - Aalborg

IMG_0748 v2 2000.jpg

Coming soon: 
route Antwerp - Lille - Lens

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And: Tirana,  Andalusia, Duisburg,  Graubünden, Montpellier, Linz

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