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Architecture experience is about enjoying modern architecture and cultural experiences. Enjoying is different than better understanding architecture. It is beyond the gaze, it means using all senses.  

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How to enjoy architecture 

Charles Holland's book How to Enjoy Architecture, a Guide for Everyone' 

is about looking: about learning how to look, and what to look for. But the book did not meet my expectations.  

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Lyon was a bit disappointing

Lyon - Montpellier could be a nice architourism trip, I thought. But perhaps I expected too much from France’s second-largest urban area after Paris. The Musee La Confluance is a mastodont. 

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Is architecture photography fake-news?

A few years ago, Azure Magazine published the article ‘Has architectural photography become fake news?’ That question is still relevant, perhaps even more so, with AI text-to-images becoming popular 

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"Almere is a number one spot 'European New Town' and sits in third place on the list of architectural towns in the Netherlands", says the Municipality. What is so special about Almere's architecture?  

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Museum aan de Stroom Antwerp as best practice
MAS Antwerp is a best practice in the architecture - cultural city tourism question. In its presentation and in the real world, MAS integrates its beautiful architectural complex, art, culture, history, and stories. ...

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Art, architecture and the senses
Van Abbe museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, announced a ‘multi-sensory collection presentation’. I made a trip to the museum with its interesting architecture, and also to De Pont in Tilburg on the way back.

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The old town and the cathedral are beautiful, so are the plazas and urban spaces. Tapas, a river with nice bridges, etc., Zaragoza has it all. And there is interesting modern architecture too.   

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