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Modern architecture tourist destinations

New cultural architecture in Poland 

Two routes showing Poland's new face of cultural architecture

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Beyond Bilbao 

A route from Santander to Avilés and Santiagowith eye-catching architecture.

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Bielefeld, Herford, Osnabrück  

A route to surprising places in a not so well-known part of Germany. 

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Danish architecture 

A route from Vejle to Aarhus and Aalborg, showing great Danish architecture. 

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Montpellier - Arles - Château La Coste

From the (self-declared) French capital of  architecture and design, into the Provence.

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Tirana modernizes 

Tirana has been rapidly modernizing last two decades. History lost in Albania?

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Graubünden - Chur 

A tour from art spaces in Chur to special small churches in Swiss' Graubünden. 

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Steel town Duisburg 

New architecture is key in this  former regional steel capital of Germany.  

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Outside the city centre you find the most beautiful and interesting architecture

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A route in Andalusia 

No flamenco, but an architecture tour to Granada, Cordobá, Seville and Malagá. 

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More to come 

A route Antwerp - Lille - Lens.  And other destinations in 2024.

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